Thursday, July 09, 2015

A Quiet Day Goes Chaotic

Yesterday was a hot one. It got to 38.3C or 101F. It was less smoky than it has been but Kamloops is surrounded by fires albeit a long ways away. Ashcroft was 40.3C or 104F which is about the correct difference between the two communities. Ashcroft residents are smelling smoke once again. Both communities have an air quality alert in effect though we can see the smoke, we can’t smell it.


The first job yesterday was to do a load of laundry. While the washer was running, I did more clean up in the laundry room watching to make sure the drain hose stayed in the sink. It did. The laundry was dried on a rack outside which leaves it feeling so fresh and smelling of sunshine.

Our quiet day turned into getting all the tape and Styrofoam off the fridge. That was chaos. There was a garbage bag full of packing material to remove from that puppy.


Next was the dishwasher. It remains looking dead on the floor as we need a fitting for it.


I was finally able to start in the sewing room. I have a plan and it entailed removing stuff off the shelf in the closet and having it ripped down. It has have some holes filled and the walls sanded with 60-90 grit sandpaper prior to painting it.


I did start to unpack a box of fabric and got two tubs filled with like fabric. That is as far as I can go until I get more boxes.


That was fine as the gas fitters arrived to attach the gas lines to the dryer and stove and the water line to the fridge. Though we have taken out a lot of packing material, there is still stuff lying around. But…… we got to cook fish and chips in the oven and put a few groceries into the fridge. Yes!! we are human again.


The Spousal Unit and I were talking last night and we have been overly tired. We think it is due to the long spell of hot weather, moving in the heat, all the people in doing what needed to be done and unpacking. We think we are exhausted. We will survive this and it will only get better once we have the loveseat to sit on in the evening. The lack of furniture hasn’t allowed us to sit, put up our feet and relax.

Today I have to get my hair cut and then I will spend time cleaning up the kitchen. I am not sure if I will get more done in the sewing room unless I get paint later this morning. We will see how it comes together.

Until tomorrow…………………..

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