Friday, July 18, 2014

Sewing Projects

Yesterday’s temperature got to a balmy 95F. The smoke disappeared and people headed outside. We even sat in our carport enjoying the fresh air. The picture is looking to the north and was taken at nearly 9 p.m.


When we looked south, all we could see was smoke. There is an out of control fire about an hour’s drive south of us. We are safe but there is an evacuation notice for people in the area.



This blanket of smoke came in fast and it smelled like you were sitting around a camp fire. This morning, there is a bit of wind and we have a thickening blanket of smoke over us and the smell. No working outside today.

Yesterday morning, I weeded a flower bed taking out both weeds and petunias that were from last year’s fallen seeds. I then moved over to the large flower bed and got about 1/3 of it weeded.

Inside the house, I tackled the desk area in the hall. The top of the desk was piled high with junk that I had put there cleaning up the bedrooms and bathrooms. All of it has been dealt with. The drawers were cleaned and organized. Stuff has been moved, thrown out or put into the thrift store pile. The shelves were scrubbed as were all the pictures, etc. There was a good layer of dust on them.


The saree on the second sleeve is totally sewn down. The dress is ready to go to Daughter to be blinged up.


For sewing, I completed one pillow case for our bedroom. The second one needs an hour to be finished.



The colours are more true in this picture.


I have lots of the print and hope to get more of the blue strip for a comforter cover. I will piece it like a quilt as I have a pattern in mind.

Today I am going to wash more walls in the hallway and sew the other pillow case. The little girl tried on her dress and it fits to perfection so I can start sewing on the rick rack. She is so excited to be getting a play dress.

Until tomorrow…………………….


  1. That is a good way to use up stash fabric. Pillow cases are pretty. We have been having a lot of smoke here in edmonton. They say it is blowing down from the NWT. Yesterday it rained and cleared out some of the smoke bad the temps are a few degrees cooler. I am making some t shirts for DH today so that is easy sewing.

  2. I am so fascinated with the way you use a saree to embellish gowns. How do you treat the motifs when you cut them from the body of the saree? Do you seal the edges with fray check or something similar? I do not make rodeo queen clothes, but beaded motifs from a saree would really dress up a prom dress for the daughter of a friend of mine. :)