Monday, July 21, 2014

Rick Rack

Yesterday was one of our coolest days in a while. We got to 26.8C or 80F. It even rained which was a bonus. Big fat drops that could have turned to hail but didn’t. Sitting outdoors was enjoyable.

The front entrance closets got cleaned. I purged, rearranged, and scrubbed. There is a bag for the thrift shop and a bag went out to the garbage. We have three feather quilts and 2 feather pillows that remained. All are in zippered bags so well contained. We don’t use them as they are too hot for our climate but all were gifts to us when we lived in the north. We used them up there.

I worked on the little lilac dress for over an  hour and got the first row of rick rack on the skirt and a row around the waist.


I have started to pin the second row on 2” from the bottom edge.


The Spousal Unit started weeding our large flower bed and I did the smaller flower bed at the greenhouse. We are getting there with our weeding.

Today my plan is to make applesauce, work on the lilac dress, and run on the treadmill. I am not attempting to run outside as I hurt my knee and want to run on a softer more even surface. What cleaning I can do will get done even if I work in the storage room while the applesauce is cooking away.


  1. Pretty little dress! Running or walking on the treadmill is much easier on an injured knee than on pavement or uneven ground.

  2. I want a wife like you! You are the most ambitious person I know! Always with the exercise, the cleaning, working in the garden, canning, cooking, sewing, designing, and everything else. My hubby doesn't know how much we need you around here! LOL

    1. Anonymous5:42 AM

      Ditto! You get more done in one day than I do in six weeks. You are astonishing.