Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Busy Day

I didn’t post yesterday as I had to rush to get out the door to do Kitchen Science Experiments at the park. There was a festival going on. It was cooler than it had been. Lots of children came around and in 6 hours I was done and heading home.

Lava lamp using water, oil, and salt.

lava lamps

We finally got some rain last night and this morning. Not enough to put out the fires but it has cooled the air and made us happy. A couple of days of this and we can handle the heat again.

I woke up Saturday morning at 2:15 a.m. to no power and the cause of it was fire. In the morning, we found out it was close – 10 km from the village. Several empty house built in the 1940’s plus a 3 or 4 bay garage burnt to the ground. The fire went behind a restaurant and down the creek by Indian band houses. It also went across a major highway and up the road.

manor fire

The above picture is one that is on Facebook



The fire went right up to the fence beside the restaurant.


Across the highway.


And on Band land.


I got the second pillow case sewn on Friday afternoon. This was a fun project to do.


I have lots of the print fabric and some of the blue piping fabric left. I want to get more of the blue and some of the green so I can make a dresser runner and a duvet for our bedroom. I have some ideas floating in my head for these.

BeckyMc, the best sarees or overlay fabric are those put onto a net back ground. I like to have them cut larger than what I want to keep them stable, hand stitch them down with a prick stitch and then cut back what I don’t want. If the fabric is a chiffon, we use something called Fray Check/block that comes in a bottle that is about 6 ounces in size. We put it into a glass cake pan and put the cut up pieces in to get wet. Then they are hung to dry, pressed, and cut out to hand sew on. This process keeps the chiffon from fraying.


The dress looked like this. Every last piece was hand sewn on. Daughter put on thousands of crystals also.

Nicole fashion 5

One without the over skirt and the belt I hand sewed bling onto.

raspberry dress1

Today I am going to see what happens as I am not sure what I will get done. I need to tackle three closets in the front entrance way before I scrub any more walls. If I sew, I will be sewing the rick rack onto the little lilac coloured dress.

Until tomorrow……………………………..

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  1. Thank you for the explanation on how to stabilize the saree embellishments. I hope to try it soon!