Saturday, February 01, 2014

Literacy Week Is Almost Over

It is still cold here but the wind isn’t blowing nearly as hard as it was. The sun shone beautifully all day lifting our spirits. I will take the cold and sun to the warm and gray.

I didn’t hit the sewing room at all yesterday. I spent the day having fun preparing for story time at the library. I printed, cut out, pasted, taped, coloured, and smiled the whole time. Yes, I miss teaching the little ones and prepping the fun things but I don’t miss doing it every day. Doing it on occasion and sharing with others is fun, fun, fun.

We went out for dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year. I was a bit worried what would happen with my blood sugars. I ate carefully, not a lot, stayed away from the sauces, and my blood sugars where good. Woot, Woot!!

I didn’t have an evening snack and I woke up in the middle of the night starving. I want to give the night snack up but may have to have a small snack if necessary. The next while is figuring out what I can and can’t have to eat and when I should be eating. I am feeling better and have a lot more energy.

I decided on what I get for loosing 20 pounds. New runners. This Thursday. The ones I buy are expensive and I usually wait for a sale. But not this time. I can have new ones at the regular price as I met my first goal.

Today I have to take pictures of antiques to send to a friend, try to get to a workshop in the morning, and have our last literacy event – family skating. No sewing until tomorrow. And then I will allow myself at least two hours in the sewing room.

Until tomorrow………………………….

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  1. Congratulations on the 20 pound loss. Good way to celebrate your success. You're my hero right now paying attention, moving forward with your goals, and doing all the right stuff to learn how to live the rest of your life healthy! Good job!