Sunday, February 02, 2014


It was another cool day yesterday but the sun shone brilliantly and we had solar heat in the house. So nice to have.
I was quite tired from being awake with stomach cramps for several hours Friday night. It took me a long time to clean our bedroom yesterday (had to corral those dust bunnies again). I took several rests. Frustrating as I wanted to go to a workshop for a couple of hours called “Seedy Saturday” before I went for our last literacy activity. All I made it to was the literacy activity. Which has made me feel terrible today. A relapse in the health department.
In my quest to remain upright, I did a bunch of searching on the internet. I started with a known site and moved out from there. I got to this site and it got me thinking. I want to do a Christmas craft once a month using her ideas and a couple of my own. My goal is to bust some of the Christmas stash.
One idea that came to mind was a Let It Snow embroidered pillow.
The snowflakes will be changed to some accent snowflakes I have on file. I hope I have some fabric in the stash to make this out of. If not I will buy what I need. The threads will come from the thread stash. No new thread.
I then had to peek at The Vivienne Files and I had to spend some time looking at the blue/green/soft white wardrobe she put together. The plate got my attention first (love Hedgy the Hedgehog) and then the clothes. I think this is going to be my colours for my “next smaller size” wardrobe. I can see it being used all year round in our climate. I am still following through with what I have purchased; red, pink, black, and white. It will do while I am on this journey.
Today, I plan on resting to get over this bug and, I will try to finish up the two artfolios. I will probably knit and rest and try to get better. I want tomorrow to be a normal day.
Until tomorrow……………………….


  1. Take care of yourself. I had this all last week and it took all my energy to stay on my feet. Still not back to 100%. Sun is good, but we finally have rain, which hopefully will last long enough to ease up our drought conditions!

  2. really cute project, hope you feel better. I am not sure if you got my quesiton or not, so thought I would ask again. My daughter wants me to make Prom sashes for King and Queen and I thought of you. You make all these lovely things for rodeos and I figured you might be able to help me out. Do you have any suggestions in making these sashes? I only have a Brother PE770 and so I am limited. what machine do you have to make all your beautiful embroidery designs? If you can e-mail me any suggestions, that would be is Thanks for a wonderful blog read and thanks in advance for any help you may lend me.